Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aux Marches Du Palais, Paris, France - May, 2008

We had a freakishly amazing lunch at Aux Marches du Palais (in the 16th Arrondissement), where we persevered despite being somewhat intimidated by the complete and utter absence of English word…either spoken by staff, written on the menu, or posted on the wine board. Oh. My. Gawd. The foie gras starter will never been forgotten...thin, rose-grey colored slices of that delicacy served up with a fig preserve garnish and pink sea (I'm guessing) salt, served with hearty toasted bread slices. My husband had duck tenderloins encased in phyllo with asparagus and a side of bean sprouts, and I had beef tenderloin with golden fried potatoes. We finished up with a dessert of ice cream and chocolate sauce piped into a rolled-up wafer shell with caramel drizzle and pear sorbet. With two glasses of house wine and one bottle of Beaujolais, 127 Euros, but SO worth it!

Dessert was a worth of art...check it out!

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