Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cafe 28, Paris, France - May, 2008

We enjoyed a lovely lunchtime repast at Cafe 28 (a block or so off of the Champs) for foie gras pate for me (I made it my personal mission to eat foie gras at least once a day while in Paris, often's SOOOO freaking good!); a platter of zucchini and gingerbread pancakes served with creme fraiche, caviar, smoked salmon, and jambon accompaniments for Jimbo; and two half-bottles of house wine (66 Euros, or $100 US). You can perhaps "eat" on the cheap in this city, but you cannot "dine" on a budget…at least not if you drink, and not with the dollar as weak as it is right now. Even a Coca-Cola ran around $8-$9US in most places, and it was almost impossible to find a draft beer for less than $12 or $13.  Simply awesome.

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