Friday, January 1, 2010

El Galeon Restaurant, Marriott Los Suenos, Costa Rica - September 2005

On our last night of our 2005 anniversary trip to the beautiful Marriott Los Suenos in Costa Rica, we had dinner at El Galeon, an incredibly romantic open-air restaurant down by the Los Suenos Marina.

Underdog and I found our dinner there to be one of the finest meals we have had anywhere. We started with a mixed green salad with grilled plums, fried gorgonzola cheese fritters, and balsamic vinagrette...followed by soup which was a delicious concoction of creamed asparagus topped with crabmeat. Wine was expensive and limited, but we found a relative bargain on the wine list. The 2002 Beringer Estate Reserve Chardonnay was $31 and it was a wonderful accompaniment to the Sushi Grade yellowfin and the red snapper that we ordered at our waiter's recommendation (if you visit El Galeon, you can consider yourself quite fortunate if you get the handsome, charming, and knowledgeable Carlos as your server!)...both of which were beautifully prepared and fresh off the boat. We finished up with Banana Brulee and Chocolate Bread Pudding, loosened our belts, and rolled back to the room with smiles on our faces. El Galeon is NOT inexpensive, but certainly not more expensive than any other of its ilk in the U.S. Oh, yeah...they also make killer martinis!

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