Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vickery's, Charleston, SC - June, 2007

No one in (or near) the city of Charleston, SC has heard of grilled salmon and steamed veggies (that's part of their charm :D). One of the best meals we had was at Vickery's in Mt. Pleasant, which we stumbled upon when my husband was taking me on a tour of the surrounding area when we arrived in town too early to check into our hotel. The ambience was somewhat uninspiring, but I almost wept when I dug into my Low Country Saute (Shrimp, crabmeat & crawfish tails in bourbon butter, served over creamy grits & topped with crispy fried oysters), and the warm bread pudding with caramel sauce that followed was some of the best I've ever had. The hub-unit cheerfully snarfed a platter of cheese and sausage ravioli topped with spicy marinara and fried shrimp. I believe that they have a location in downtown Charleston as well. Well worth the trip.

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