Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catches Waterfront Grille, Port Richey, FL

There aren't a lot of exciting dining choices in Port Richey, FL...but Catches is a pretty waterfront restaurant with pretty solid food, and is my mom's and my go-to place when I drive up to BFE to have lunch with her. 

They start happy hour at 11:00 A.M. which immediately put them in our good graces (we're easy like that).

Our exceedingly charming and attentive server, George, got us a great spot on the patio and proceeded to take excellent care of us.  We started off with a warm Cheese, Artichoke, Shrimp and Crab Dip with Tortilla Chips.  It was excellent and loaded with shrimp and crab, which led us to the consensus that the ratio of dip to chips could've been a bit higher.  Maybe we'll get a double portion of the dip next time.  Yum!

The fresh, warm bread studded with caraway seeds and served with pesto dipping oil was lovely.

Salads came with the lunch entrees, and both my Ceasar and Mom's House Salad were fresh and tasty, albeit not particularly memorable as far as salads go.

Since we were there (in part) to celebrate Mom's birthday (I won't divulge her age because some animals HAVE been known to kill their young), we decided to live large and both order the 1 lb. South American Lobster Tails.  They were cooked to perfection and served with drawn butter, choice of starch and sauteed mixed veggies (which I really didn't explore because I was too busy snarfing my lobster and baked potato with sour cream and butter...besides, it was rather late in the game by then to embark on a healthy eating plan).

Lookit this beauty!

This has been the Tale of Two Girls and their Tails.  How did it end, you ask?  We both agreed that we could diet another day, and lived happily ever after.

P.S.  Mom imagined she was having a bad hair day or something, and asked to be cropped out of our "happily ever after" shot.  Thanks, Mom.  Now it sort of looks like I ate TWO lunches (which everyone knows would never happen).  Grrrr.

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