Sunday, May 9, 2010

Casual Philly Phood Phinds...Just Crazy Good! (or, Why Can't Tampa Be a Food Town???)

On our way to visit the Liberty Bell during our recent visit to Philadelphia, we were drawn into Cosi (a snack, smoothie and wrap shop) by the lure of a Watermelon Habanero Lemonade.  The hot chile pepper gave the sweetness of the watermelon lemonade a spicy kick that it took a few sips to become acclimated to.  After that...we slurped it down like a margarita on Cinco de Mayo.  Delicious and unique!  The big, chewy oatmeal raisin cookie we picked up along with the drinks wasn't too bad, either.

We also couldn't saunter past Naked Chocolate without sniffing around and ordering two cups of European-style hot chocolate (which is basically like melted-down Godiva with just enough heavy cream in it to make it retain its liquidity).'s nice, but jeebus...who can drink 6 oz. of this kind of richness, especially with a side of a croissant-esque pastry both drizzled AND filled with more decadent chocolate?? Better (and probably more hormonal) women than I.
As we plowed on, we found ourselves in the endless food font that is Reading Terminal Market. It was time for sheer decadence, so we snarfed barbecued chicken, homemade beer-battered onion rings, and theverybest pierogies in the universe from Franks A-Lot.  You can dine in the Market's Beer Garden as long as you make a beverage purchase, which was no prob. ;)
Yes, this is why low-carb dieting begins anew tomorrow.

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