Saturday, December 4, 2010

South Beach Odds and Ends, Miami Beach, FL

While there's no single thing here to warrant a dedicated blog posting, there were a few other bits and bites from our trip to South Beach last week that I think are noteworthy.

First off, we had the biggest, best and most beautiful mojitos EVAH at Deco Drive Cigars in Lincoln Mall.  Yes, it's a cigar store...but they also have outdoor patio tables (some with hookahs) for smoking and they sell cocktails.  I wasn't all that excited about enjoying one of their cocktails while UD rested and smoked his cigar because, honestly, the bar (what I could see of it) didn't look like all that.  However, if I'm going to sit and watch someone smoke, I do need a when the hub-unit suggested mojitos it seemed an appropriate vehicle for upping my tolerance level.  When the mojitos were brought out, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  They were 16 ounces apiece, good and strong, beautifully muddled with plenty of mint and lime, and gorgeously garnishd with a big stalk of sugar cane.  Well...let me just tell you, we each had to have two!  Amazing.  I can see myself driving 4.5 hours again sometime just for another one of these!
We also had a really nice brunch at Pelican Cafe one morning.  We got great service, the food (while nothing out of the ordinary) was hot and delicious and the Peach Bellinis were we had a fantastic vantage point for people-watching on their terrace overlooking Ocean Drive.

My Eggs Benedict with perfect Tarragon Hollandaise Sauce and Crispy Home Fries:
Underdog's Eggs and Sausage:
And just because one can never be entirely certain when one will have the opportunity to eat again, we polished off some orgasmic Nutella Stuffed French Toast for dessert.

I didn't like mine.  Okay...maybe a little.  ;)

After the Culinary Tour that left us still starving, we ducked into Tapas y Tintos for some Spanish meats and cheeses and hot, crispy bread.  It was almost like being back in Barcelona!

Last, but not visit to South Beach would be complete (at least not for me) without enjoying a Rum Runner at the World Famous Clevelander Hotel overlooking Ocean Drive.  Good times.

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  1. Another fantastic review by you. I really need to get back to Miami soon. Just so much to see and do there. The rum runner is a great choice, but my favorite is draft beer. Domestic. Mmmmm. Proof I'm just a regular guy. He-He. Take care.