Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ybor City Food Truck Rally, February 4, 2012

I am lurving me some of this emerging food truck culture in Tampa Bay! Salivating at the idea of another local food truck rally, UD had the unmitigated gall to rip the sleep mask from my face pre-8:00 AM on a weekend morning (SO uncivilized) so we could arrive early at the Ybor rally and stake our places in line at the most interesting looking trucks. Determined to Carpe the Diem on this occasion (since many vendors had sold out of everything at the Brandon rally by the time we arrived at 1:00 PM a few weeks ago), he had me caffeinated, coiffed and kicked out the door before the Ambien had even completely worn off. It's a good thing I love him so much...just sayin'.

As it turned out, the lines weren't as bad as we'd anticipated. We placed our first order at Fork In The Road (or, rather, Underdog did).

Almost-instant gratification promptly appeared in the form of Banh Mi, a toasty baguette cradling tender pork belly which married well with its sister-wives of pickled daikon; carrot, cucumber and cilantro slaw; and sweet chili aioli. The bread was perfect and the plentiful pork belly was on the lean side (I loathe blubber). I washed it all down with a diet soda which, understandably, I felt mightily righteous about.

There was nothing wrong with the sweet and smoky barbequed pulled pork springroll, either. SO good!

Next, I dispatched the spousal unit to Keep'n it Reel for some delightfully fresh-tasting and perfectly fried little grouper sliders.

I thought $8 for two was pretty damned reasonable, especially considering the high quality. I've paid upwards of $20 for grouper sandwiches in the Tampa Bay area that have delivered far less.

And why wouldn't we get some Truck Cut Fries and Jalapeno Cheddar Hushpuppies? You only go around once for gawd's sake...what's one more dimple on the thigh?

We didn't order anything that wasn't tres delish at the truck rally, but I was particularly enamored of these hot, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside jalapeno-studded cheddar-oozing fried balls of heaven. Therefore, my Most Precious And Universally Coveted By All cyber Blue Ribbon is awarded to Keep'n it Reel this time around.

Keep'n It Reel on Urbanspoon
Next, I queued Jimbo up at Two Asians and a Grill. Notice a pattern here? You know how when you take a bite off of someone else's plate, the calories don't count? Same concept. Besides...it would appear crass and unladylike for me to be carting wheelbarrows full of food through Ybor. Not to mention the fact that I'm supposed to be on the Atkins diet (and this surprises you...why?

Both the Potstickers and the large Fried Goodie Goodie Shrimp with their sweetly spicy sauce were Hoovered down in short order.

Bang Bang WHO??

Two Asians and a Grill on Urbanspoon
At this point, I must warn you to avert your eyes lest you suffer the fate of Lot's wife (that whole turning into a pillar of salt thing sounds like a highly unpleasant experience). That's right...I'm talkin' Deep Fried 'Smores. Suffice to say, this is pretty disturbing shiznit but nobody ever said that reading food blogs was for the faint of heart. Whoever came up with this idea is going straight to hell and I hope they save me a seat in the handbasket.

This spawn of Satan can bring even a Superhero to his knees...see? Looks like someone's sorely in need of a Super Energy Pill. Heinous.

These rallies are SUCH fun! I have one suggestion, however, that would take the events to a new level. Beer Truck.

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