Saturday, June 2, 2012

Morgan's Bar and Grill, St. Pete Beach, FL

Morgan's Bar and Grill proved to be a little more bar and a little less grill than expected, but UD, Aries Wench and I enjoyed it probably more than we thought we would upon first glance at the decidedly sports bar-esque venue.  This place seems to be a work in progress, as the menu presented to us was far more spartan than the robust offerings advertised on the website.  Nonetheless, most of what we sampled was tastier than anticipated. Icy cold $1.50 draft pints and friendly, attentive service helped the medicine go down.

Starters were definitely the high point for me.  The rum marinated chicken strips with mango dipping sauce were of a higher caliber and way more enjoyable than the ubiquitous "chicken tenders" we see on every tavern menu in Tampa Bay. While maintaining a moist and juicy interior (despite having been pounded to the lowest acceptable level of thinness), their crispy coconut breading served as delicious reminder that these were no McNuggets.  

The onion rings were worth the 50 mile drive in and of themselves. I honestly can't remember eating a better onion ring on the Gulf coast of Florida. Sweet, tender onion slices were presented hot and crispy, delicately enrobed in a feather-light tempura-style crust and served with a zesty horseradish-infused dipping sauce.  Crack-like.

Aries Wench liked her Steak and Gorgonzola Flat Bread, and why wouldn't she?  The crust toed the fine line between being substantial enough to carry its generous portion of tender beef bits and tangy cheese morsels while maintaining a level of thinness that still kept the "crunch factor" intact. A drizzle of balsamic vinegar tied everything together nicely.

My Cuban was standard issue, although I was impressed with the generosity and tenderness of the obviously in-house roasted pork. The bottom half of the roll was burned, however, which disappointed me a bit...even though I was too full after the huge apps to eat much of it anyway.  Fries were of the frozen variety, but served up golden brown and right out of the fryer.

Underdog loves fish tacos and was smitten with Morgan's version (along with their mango chutney topping).  Genus and species of said fish was never disclosed, but it tasted fresh and was perfectly grilled.  A real winner.

Morgan's serves up better than average pub grub considering its proximity to the beach and low prices...and Aries Wench gave her much-coveted stamp of approval to the ample wine pours!  

Does anyone (other than I) know what the mating call of a Southern Girl is?  Hint: "Ya'll, I'm drunk!".  Thanks for your participation in and funding of our (waning) estrogen-fueled drinking and food fest, UD.  I owe you (beyond just giving you the opportunity to bask in our pulchritudinous splendor)....something I won't go into here but which I feel you'll appreciate later. Good spousal unit!

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