Sunday, December 2, 2012

Isle of Capri Day, Sorrento, Italy 2012

So...every now and then I feel like blogging about something non-food related...and that something will usually be travel.  I would've loved to have something cool to post about the food on the Isle of Capri had it not been pretty much universally and craptacularly dumbed down for the tourist least all that we could find.  Still, we began our morning on a positive note at the Sorrento port snorting chocolate pastries and drinking Champagne while awaiting the hydrofoil to ferry us to our destination. When you're on vacation, you can sometimes get away with such behavior (only on a temporary basis, of course) without instigating a family intervention and being thrown into rehab.

"Adventure Gurl" is, where is that boat?

We reached paradise where I found myself, yet again, towering two feet over a tour guide (great job, by the way, Guiseppe!).  I guess that's the price one pays for being an overly-nourished Amazonian chick.

Everyone was encouraged to climb into the rickety, creepy one-seater cable lift that takes you to the top of the island. Yes, there was wine involved, and one made sure my "safety" bar was securely latched (because it wouldn't)...and if I dropped my belongings, well...tough $#!+.  Honey, I don't think we're in Theme Park Land one seems to care if I live, die or sue. One of the highlights of my life, nonetheless.  Also, so proud that I didn't leave the seat soiled for the next occupant.

The views and the experience as a whole where almost religious in nature...I actually cried as I gazed down on the magnificent beauty of this island.

Look...I made it to the top and I'm not dead!  Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are, being the neurotic everythingphobe that I am.  Honestly, the lift follows the incline of the mountain in such a way that you'd probably never have more than 12-15 feet to fall if the obvious catastrophe all of us "angsters" perpetually expect were to actually occur...meaning you'd more than likely eventually be able to walk again in the worst case scenario.  This rainbows and unicorns moment was brought to you free of charge, courtesy of Sweet Polly.

Oh...thank gawd, Underdog...I see you made it, too. Whew!

The view from the top.  Totally unforgettable.

A must do when you visit Sorrento.

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