Saturday, September 7, 2013

Le Bouchon du Grove, Miami, FL

Ahhh...what could be lovelier than finding a little piece of Paris in Florida?  Le Bouchon du Grove oozes authenticity in every possible aspect...cozy, inviting interior; sidewalk dining; traditional cuisine and French staff...and everything's nestled in the oh-so-civilized oldest continuously-inhabited neighborhood in Miami, Florida.  I think I like it here.  Our friend Steve agreed...although he was a little more interested in the tantalizing menu than the charming decor.

Let's get to ordering!  Officially feeling like a beached whale as we neared the end of the "Labor Day Weekend of Overindulgence", I decided to skip an entree and order a dieter's meal consisting of a couple of my favorite French starters...Escargots and Terrine of Foie Gras Pate.
Obviously, peaches canned in their own juice and cottage cheese would've been more effective, but (sadly) said offering was nowhere to be found on the menu.  Sometimes you have to take one for the team.

The Escargots en Persillade et au Pastis were a piping-hot study in plump, snaily, buttery, garlicky goodness with plenty of fresh bread for carrying.  And lookit all the little sharing forks that came with!  Someone clearly didn't get the memo that I am not all that generous when it comes to sharing my favorite foods...especially when they are done really well.  Fortunately, my spousal unit and friends had top-of-mind awareness of that fact.

Terrine de Foie Gras de Canard Maison à la facon de Christian, toasts tièdes (homemade Foie Gras Terrine) was ridiculous in its indulgence factor.  Rich and creamy, it was some of the best foie gras I've eaten outside of it should've been for $25.  I'd drive from Tampa to get another "fix" of this any day.

Steve's Gratinee Lyonnaise was a perfect rendition of classic French Onion Soup bathing in an earthenware crock beneath a luxurious, bubbling comforter of Swiss cheese. 

Deb's selection of  Salade Tiede de homnard frais aux mangues et fenouils rôtis was the deal of the century for $15.50.  The Warm Maine Lobster Salad with Mango and Roasted Fennel contained the meat of a one-and-a-quarter lb. lobster and could have easily been a meal in and of itself. Beautiful and tres delish!
Steve and Debbie had already been raving about and planning to order (to share) what turned out to be themostindulgentchickendishonearth, Le Bouchon's La Fricassée de Volaille fermière à l’ancienne servie avec un risotto aux Morilles et son Biscuit de Parmesan (Chicken Fricassée served with a Morel Mushroom Risotto and a Parmesan Biscuit). This excitement initially sort of had me giving them the "hairy eyeball" because who in their right mind would order chicken (the most boring meat on the planet outside of tilapia) in a fine dining establishment????  Am I right?

As it turned out, I was wrong (there's a first time for everything).  There, I said it.  Le Bouchon's Chicken Fricassée was the most rich and beautifully presented chicken dish I've ever had the privilege to put in my mouth. Served in its own pot, the poultry was so moist and tender it was falling off the bone and the perfectly cooked mushroom risotto was nothing short of earthy decadence.  I couldn't keep my fork out of it. 
The lamb-loving UD zeroed right in on La Carré d’Agneau rôti aux herbes de Provence, haricots blancs au pistou, jus simple (aka Roasted Rack of Lamb with Herbs of Provence served with White Beans and Basil Pesto).  Our fabu server, Sebastian, assuming that I had stomach space to spare and also might want to share an entree with my better half, delivered two beautiful half portions of the rare, tender and juicy chops to the table.  Attention to detail is second to none at Le Bouchon du Grove...and no one made us feel like nasty, cheapass old folk for not having the appetite to each order a full entree on top of the wine and apps. 

Sublime Lamb Chops (half portion):
What would a French dinner be without a Creme Brulee nightcap?  Especially a delightfully bourbon-infused version of said dessert?  SO good. 
Wonderful meal with great friends.  What could be better?
Le Bouchon du Grove is a "must-do" in Miami.  Superb from start to finish!

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  1. OH MY GAWD!!!! You've caused me to set out on my KNEES down I75 just to get the escargot and Terrine de Foie Gras!! I might just have two servings of those lucious looking snails!!! It's a long way from Ky, but worth the road burn on the knees just to have both dishes!!!
    You outdid yourself on this one Sis~~~~