Sunday, November 10, 2013

Green Springs Bistro, Safety Harbor, FL

I will have to preface this post by saying that, based on the Urbanspoon reviews of others, my expectations may have been a bit lofty for Green Springs Bistro.

I can't bitch about it in good conscience...I mean, look at the place!  It's adorable and the food's okay, but the kitchen's just not cranking out anything remotely cutting-edge (at least not at lunchtime).

Cute and kitschy interior:

Our server was enthusiastic and efficient, but the menu failed to thrill.  After having my heart set on Captain Richard's smoked fish spread with house made crackers, I was informed that Captain Richard had been otherwise occupied as of late so no fish spread was available.  Our fall-back position was the Warm Artichoke Spread...creamy, cheesy and uber-garlicky.  Toast point accoutrements were perfect.  Not my first choice, but pretty tasty nonetheless.

UD's Soup de Jour, Potato with Scallion, was fine but a tad wan and not particularly memorable.

My Blue Crab Stuffed Portobello was basically a crab cake (very meaty...I'll give it that) served atop a big mushroom cap.  The "salad" that came with consisted of little more than a handful of leaves lightly drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.  Dull.  The chilled, marinated chickpeas added only a touch of marginal interest.

My better half's Bison Burger was similarly underwhelming. Ordered medium rare, it was bloody, cool and practically still mooing upon delivery. Lots of grassy sidecars only served to add to its boring factor.  I think Green Springs needs to add a few optional side dishes...even if at an upcharge.  This needed fries.  Yeah...Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries (or something along those lines).

Finally, taste bud stimulation appeared in the form of a really good Blueberry/Blackberry Cobbler.   Fresh berries, an amazing crisp and spicy crust, and some really good ice cream converged to create a wonderful sweet finish to an otherwise forgettable $88 meal (including three glasses of wine and before 20% gratuity).  Not the best value for $100+ dropped in precious dining dollars.

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