Saturday, March 1, 2014

Peacock Garden Cafe, Miami, FL

Cuisine, atmosphere and amazing service simultaneously converged on our recent Peacock Garden Cafe "nosh-down of decadence" to create one unforgettable brunch experience.

The first of our many sensual "asides" during our Peacock visit came in the form of an almost magical garden setting on a perfect February morning in south Florida (YOU PEOPLE suffering all the ice storms this winter have a "hall pass" to hate).  You may also feel free to snicker at me when I'm already sweating my makeup off in March.

First up:  Very Berry Mimosas served in one quart Ball jars. Our charming server had them "extra spiked" due to a slight delay in their delivery.  I've slurped more than my share of mimosas in my day and can honestly say that these set the bar.  What must've been half a bottle of sparkling wine infused with the juices of mixed berries was presented...truly an "all day sucker".  A teeny, long-stemmed spoon comes with so you can eat the strawberries, blueberries and blackberries at the bottom of the jar when you finally manage to finish this gigantic the hope, I suppose, that their antioxident properties will earn you a modicum of forgiveness from your liver.  There was no skimping on UD's Mojito, either.

Ms. Fussy and I couldn't resist the lure of Fresh Corn Soup, which didn't disappoint.  As opposed to the chunky "chowder" texture I was expecting, it was a sweet and silky concoction that almost brought creamy Butternut Squash Soup to mind.  Delightful as well as beautiful.

Underdog kept a firm grip on his basket of moist banana nut bread.  I asked to "see" it so I could take a photo, but was informed that I should "see" with my eyes when I tried to pilfer a tiny bite.  Who is this cold-hearted bastard I married???

My beloved ordered the massive $13 Chicken Pot Pie as his main course, which was gorgeous in all ways.  While the filling wasn't as thick as expected (Banquet clearly contributed zero inspiration for this dish), the protein, cream sauce and veggies were uber flavorful and the crust was sheer perfection.  The little black skillet it came in was practically licked clean by the time UD had his way with it.

My Monte Cristo Special (brioche french toast stuffed with turkey, swiss cheese and bacon) was served lightly dusted with powdered sugar along with a sidecar of maple syrup. It was supposed to come with fruit...but since I was already halfway to caloric hell, I forged ahead and requested fried potatoes instead (which were hot, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, just as God intended). There are worse things in life than going up a pants size. This was a $12 entree and I could've made three meals out of it.  Prices at Peacock Garden Cafe are almost astonishingly affordable considering the quality and quantity of the menu items and its beautiful and trendy Coconut Grove location.

Our dining companion and hostess with the mostest, Ms. Fussy, is apparently a creature of habit and orders the Cheeseburger regularly.  While I'm not that much of a "burger gurl" myself, it was a fine looking and tasting rendition if I must say.  The accompanying matchstick fries were so addicting that our stellar server finally said "let me take this away or you will continue to pick at them all day". The "Fuss" conveyed her sincere thanks as well as that of her future significant other and we all laughed our asses off (something I pray will one day be literally possible).

As it was the spousal unit's Birthday Weekend, the order of the universe would've certainly spiraled into disarray had there been no dessert.  Doing his part to keep the earth from ripping itself from its orbit and hurtling toward the sun, my Superhero bravely requested (and more boldly yet, managed to Hoover down) the Peacock's splendid rendition of Tarte Tatin.  Swoonworthy.

Final word:  Fabulous!

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  1. Good morning Sweet Polly! I'm Teresa, the marketing coordinator for Jaguar Hospitality Group and we LOVE your blog post! We thank you for your positive feedback and would like to possibly meet you in person one day! Please send your mailing address to so I can mail you a gift certificate for your next visit. We thank you again for your continued support!

    1. Hi, Teresa! Thank you for your comment. The memories of the wonderful experiences we had both at Jaguar and Peacock Garden Cafe are all the reward I need. :) I make it policy not to accept free stuff from restos so I never feel the need to gratuitously whitewash any dining experiences I post about. Keep up the good guys are worth the four drive from Tampa!

  2. Hello Sweet Polly! The next time UD and you decide to come visit Ms. Fussy (me), I will have to take you to the Jaguar Hospitality Groups's other resto Talavera Cocina Mexicana. I love all three restaurants, but am partial to brunches in the Peacock Garden Cafe's beautiful garden setting.