Thursday, December 25, 2014

Locale Market, St. Petersburg, FL

Holy Shiznit, foodies!  Get thee to the recently opened Locale at warp speed.  This visually stunning, two-story food and wine mecca on steroids will set your senses to reeling.

While flailing your way upstream through a broad and slowly plodding swathe of humanity (which is what Locale is covered up in right now) might sound daunting, it will be worth it...just this once.  I screamed on the inside more than a couple of times.  Look for the wine and tapas bar on the second floor for salvation (where foie gras is served - but don't tell PETA). Whole...Trader...Fresh...WHO???

Behold the richly-hued splendor of organic produce:

The seafood counter is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

View delectable delights being prepared before your very eyes - either for enjoying on the dining patio with a bottle of wine from the cooler or taking home and pretending that it was hand-crafted by you.  Dust yourself with flour to retain credibility should you opt for the latter.

Carb junkies, beware.

Locale is a wonderland for all palates...from the dry-aged steaks to the luxe bakery and coffee bar to the liquid nitrogen ice cream, house made pastas and beyond. Please, just get out of my way if you see me.  I'll be the tall blonde with the bad disposition.  TIA

More to come as I chomp my way through this beast.

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