Sunday, March 22, 2015

Global A'Fare, Tampa, FL

Global A'Fare is a friendly and chill little gastropub on Kennedy Blvd. with an ambitious menu of globally inspired offerings.  UD and I hit it at a most opportune hour this afternoon as half-priced domestic beers and well drinks (as well as a selection of 50% off apps) are offered from 4-7 daily. We found the outdoor patio to be nicely shaded and the staff pleasingly welcoming to our furry family members who needed a change of scenery on a Sunday afternoon.

"Oh, Hai.  I likes Brazilian Balls".  Stay tuned and get your mind outta the gutter.

Brazilian Cheese Balls are complimentary at Global A'Fare and are indescribably delish, hot and chewy, gluten-free (not that I give a rat's behind about "gluten-free", but apparently there's a whole movement in that direction that I neither understand nor care to) globes of cheesy goodness...and Molly Maguire appreciated the fact that there were enough to share.

The Eggplant Parm starter was an interesting and tasty riff on the classic dish.  Crispy, fried eggplant roulettes were presented piped with warm ricotta and drizzled in a tangy marinara sauce.

The zesty Seafood Cioppino was a nice rendition and liberally studded with tender shellfish.  Bread was offered, but we were dialing down the carbs on this particular Sunday and had to decline. Our newest pack addition, Neutron (aka "Newt"), prepares to belly flop into this trough of crustacean-laden decadence.

Wings are my favorite treat when I'm in high-pro mode and Global A'Fare's did not disappoint.  Juicy and wood-fire roasted, these fat, meaty specimens are sauced your way...balsamic glaze with caramelized onion, Thai peanut, or traditional Buffalo.  I liked my Thai peanut wings, but probably would've had a greater appreciation for a stickier, spicier and more substantial shellac.

I like the concept here and you will not find a friendlier or more caring staff anywhere at a resto of its reasonable price point.  There's a nice but short selection of wines, a full liquor bar and array of local craft beers (in addition to all the usual nationally familiar suspects).  There's good stuff going on at Global A'Fare, with perhaps a little room to grow and refine.

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  1. Squeals - you brought the anipals with you. That's always a great day when you get bring them along for such a feast as what you had. And ppsstt - can you pass the Brazilian balls. We LOVE them. Great one my friend. XOXO - Bacon

  2. Hello Molly and welcome Newt!! Sounds like my kind of food. I'm all for is my goal to find tasty lc and enjoyable nibbles. Brava Sweet Polly,