Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cask Social Kitchen, Tampa, FL

UD and I hauled ourselves from our phlegmy deathbed last Sunday afternoon after a week of tandem (and futile) crud-battling, desperate for sustenance that didn't involve a can of Campbell's.  Our intrepid pal, Debbie Delight, joined us teeming, human petri dishes for what turned out to be a better-than-average brunch served up by this south Tampa newcomer.  And guess who got to spend THIS weekend battling for her own life?  Sorry, Deb.

We gurlz reveled in our Black Bubbles - little boozy Mason jars filled to the brim with Ketel One vodka, fresh blackberries, raspberry liqueur and sparkling wine. This is how mommy nurses a scratchy throat.
Our trio began with fat strips of candied bacon and saucer-sized, tender cheesy biscuits. Biscuits only failed to reach expectations due to fact that no butter was presented with them.

I selected the $11 "Sweet Belgian Bird" appetizer.  Warm, airy sweet potato waffle triangles were presented with juicy, crispy buttermilk fried breast halves perched atop them. Spicy bourbon syrup rounded out this waistband-expanding indulgence (of which I could only shoehorn down 1/4). Lumberjacks may order a more substantial version (The Big Bird) for a few dollars more.

The comfort-seeking spousal unit loved his Cask Skillet, a big platter of homey goodness piled high with fried sweet and Idaho potatoes, cheese, eggs and sausage.

Non-conformist DD noshed on nasal-passage-opening "Duck Wings", which are really tender duck legs prepared confit-style, then coated in sticky orange Siracha glaze, scallions and toasted sesame (wet-naps required).  Many restaurants have a tendency to overcook duck legs, so everyone appreciated the moist meatiness of these gorgeous gams.

While service failed to amaze, it was friendly and adequate.  The space has that industrial urban chic vibe that seems to be all the rage right now and is pleasing, albeit a tad sterile.   Overall, Cask seems like a good mid-priced option in South Tampa for casual dining.  Looking forward to trying it again for lunch or dinner.

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  1. It certainly looks like a break from the ordinary. Thanks for the review.