Friday, January 1, 2010

The French Laundry, Healdsburg, CA - November 2006

Each dish was a miniature work of art...but, while I Ioved everything that was put in front of me, there's no accounting for personal taste...and you get little choice in what you dine on. Add in a hushed, stuffy, 2nd-floor environment and an uber-reverent, pretentious wait-staff (Now, let us all worship at the feet of Thomas Keller), and all the fun was suddenly gone. Several of the many courses were show-stoppers, but the ambience made everything so stilted and formal that none of our party of four could ever really relax and endulge in the social aspect of dining. Yes, it was very good. But for over $1,200 for a party of four (dinner plus two bottles of decent...not, it should've been the best meal I'd ever had...but wasn't.

This was a good, but over-priced and anti-climactic meal, especially considering the amount of dialing I had to do over the course of several days to even get a reservation.  Behold of the many epicurean delights placed before us throughout the course of our tasting meal:

Mini Ice Cream Cones Filled With Creme Fraiche And Capers, Topped With Smoked Salmon

"Pearls And Oysters", Oysters And Caviar On A Bed Of Savory Tapioca

Butter Poached Lobster Tail

Snarfing My Chocolate Cup With Hazlenut Mousse

Egads! I've Owned Cars That Cost Less Than This!

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