Friday, January 1, 2010

Orange, Chicago, IL - April 2006

The BestBreakfastInTheWorld can be easily (or maybe not-so-easily...there's a two-hour wait for tables on weekends) obtained for yourself at Orange in Lincoln Park in Chicago. I have never seen such a creative menu, offering items like Green Eggs and Ham (scrambled eggs with pancetta, pesto, roasted tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella) and Raspberry Chocolate Pancakes with Bailey's Bristol Cream Sauce. We tried the French Toast Kababs (coconut infused, grilled French toast chunks skewered with fresh strawberries and pineapple and served over a coconut mango salad)and the Steak & Eggs Benedict (grilled filet mignon and two poached eggs on brioche, covered with hollandaise and drizzled with balsamic reduction)...both of which were sublime. They also had a fantastic orange-infused house coffee, and a substantial juice bar (you can bring your own champagne or vodka if you need a little kick in your juice).

Filet Mignon Benedict on Brioche, Coconut-Infused French Toast, and Green Eggs & Ham (*thud*)

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