Monday, May 31, 2010

Stinky's Fish Camp, Santa Rosa, FL

On our Memorial Day trek to the Florida panhandle, we were looking forward to trying Stinky's Fish Camp (sounds appetizing...right?? ;) ) after our hosts raved about it. It's sort of a Louisiana-meets-Florida-seafood-shack.  Overall, we were not disappointed, other than by the fact that we stopped in for lunch when the highly recommended dishes of Crawfish Pie and Catfish Meuniere (not to be confused with manure...French can be tricky language!  :p ) were not available.  This is a casual local and tourist hangout...nothing fancy going on, but the beer was cold, the prices reasonable, and seafood was fresh and tasty.

We started with some delish crawfish hushpuppies...which were crisp on the outside...tender and chock full of crawfish chunks on the inside.  SO good!

Our uber adult-like teen companion with a palate sophisticated beyond  her years opted for the Garlic and Butter Oysters (everything "oyster" is great here!) and hoovered them down like they were Godiva chocolates (and who wouldn't???). 
Sweet Polly selected the wonderfully fresh fried oysters with fries...and everything was crispy, plentiful and tasty...with about an $8 price tag.
Underdog chose the Fried Catfish with Papaya Slaw and deemed both exceptionally tasty...especially the slaw!

Ed and Karen both selected a Stinky "Great Big Salad" (which includes mixed greens, roasted corn, baby green beans, tomato, cooked potato and cucumber)...a combo that didn't excite me too much on paper, but apparently went over real well in person (or should I say "in produce"??).

Ed's Buffalo Shrimp variety:
And Karen's bigass salad was topped with more of the same, fresh, perfectly-fried oysters I ordered with fries:
Even though it wasn't ordinarily available for lunch, our server managed to talk the chef into making us a Crawfish Pie (and apparently, it's not often that a waiter gets a request for a Crawfish Pie and 5 forks when he asks a party if they want dessert!).  O.M.G.  The crust was insanely flaky and wonderful, and the filling was loaded with chopped crawfish, thick cream sauce, herbs, spices, and finely-chopped veggies.  It was really the best "pot pie" dish I've ever had. Delish! 
Do we look happy, or what? 

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