Saturday, September 24, 2011

Portofino, Charlotte Harbor, FL

UD and I enjoyed a spontaneous stop at Portofino's Deck 360 this afternoon. While the food was not particularly memorable, it was okay and the bay view, sea breeze and service from our super-accommodating and entertaining server/bartender John were beyond compare. Not a bad way to while away an hour or so. Who could have a bad time looking at this with a cold beer in her hand?

I ordered the Grouper Reuben after being reassured by the fabulous John that the fish was truly fresh, and having tasted it I have no reason to doubt that. Unfortunately, the whole thing was overloaded with crap...the huge sour dough roll was way too much bread for the 5 or 6 oz. grouper filet, which I almost had to put out an Amber Alert to locate beneath its thick blanket of cole slaw, remoulade sauce and swiss cheese. Fries were both greasy and limp.

UD thought his hand-tossed pizza "Pissaladeira" with onions, anchovies, roasted garlic and olives was pretty tasty, albeit a little on the salty side (that's what you get with anchovies). I tried a bite and really appreciated the thin, cracker-like crust...not being a fan of those of the thick and chewy variety. Otherwise, it didn't strike me as being anything special.

Our super-server also introduced UD to a new beer (which will undoubtedly become a new bad habit)...Ommegang Abbey Ale, which was really sweet, light and palatable for a darker beer.

Is this a "destination restaurant"? Not just "no"...Hell, No! It would've been totally "meh" if not for the service and waterfront location. But for a few drinks and a bay view in the Port Charlotte area, I don't think Portofino Deck 360 can be beat.

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