Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July, Donuts and Ice Cream...Oh My!

The only things I like better than donuts and ice cream are FREE donuts and ice cream.  Well, maybe that and foie gras, stone crab, cherry duckling and bread pudding...but I don't think the latter will leave you with the same lingering case of the "warm fuzzies" as these particular free donut and ice cream treats will.  I don't usually do promos on my blog, but how I could I not in this totally unselfish instance?  My love of kids is not exactly legion and most certainly not well-documented...especially as long as they're someone else's and not sitting anywhere within peanut-pelting range of me on an airplane. But enough of my jaded and barren-wombed bitterness (not to mention tongue-in-cheekedness).  The very thought of a desperately ill, hospitalized child removed from his/her home, family, friends and pets is enough to make even a cranky old crone like me a little teary-eyed.

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital treats thousands of Tampa Bay's children every year.  Whether they arrive by ambulance, are recovering from open heart surgery or undergoing cancer treatment, our community's help is needed in comforting and distracting these hospitalized kids.   From now through July 27th, help St. Joseph's Children's Hospital celebrate Christmas in July by bringing a new, unwrapped toy worth $10 more to participating Dunkin' Donuts or Baskin Robbins locations in Tampa Bay.  Your gifts will provide entertainment, encouragement and a momentary escape from illness for children throughout the year...so pick up an extra Barbie when you're in Target.  I know I will.

As a thank you, participants will receive a FREE donut or 3-oz. soft serve cone.

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