Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese

I seem to be branching out a little this week beyond the basic resto experiences I usually blog about.  First, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital toy drive...and now a short and sweet homage to a new and très fabu grocery store find.  

When you see Daelia's Hazelnut with Fig Biscuits for Cheese in your local Publix supermarket, I recommend that you rake the entire display into your cart.  This thin biscotti-esque (and imagine I'm pronouncing it like Giada de Laurentis does as I type..."bis-coat-té" instead of the using the Tennessee vernacular "biskotty", which is actually how the word resonates in my redneck head) product is crunchy, semi-sweet, chunkiliciously rife with toasted hazelnuts and has a clearly discernible after-note of fig.  Purists will love the fine ingredient list (none of the "weird stuff" in these):  hazelnuts, wheat and barley flour, egg whites, sugar, figs, vanilla.  The end.  

I suggest you top these heavenly carriers of goodness with aged Stilton and a drizzle of truffle honey to set the night on fire (which should be a highly satisfying experience even if you're setting the night on fire alone, if only because you won't have to share).  Pretty much any other soft cheese and maybe even duck liver pate would provide the same effect....but to be fair, the Biscuits for Cheese probably wouldn't be bad even if Cheez Whiz *shudder* was the only cheese product you could get your hands on (but only try this if you're feeling the need to desecrate something).  Sofa King good!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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