Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Queenshead Eurobar and Restaurant

Looks like I've found a new crush in St. Pete.  It was a case of infatuation at first sight when we came upon this cute little spot on Central Ave., just a bit west of downtown.

We were enamored upon entry by the kitschy/comfy decor...I could seriously just pack up my pillow and binky and move right on in.

Momentary crankiness reared its hormonal head when, after arriving at 2:00 PM, we were presented with one of the tiniest brunch menus I've ever seen in my life and informed that the "regular menu" was not available until 3:00.  Since I'd been mowing and doing laundry all morning, I was too tired to follow my instincts by going postal and decided to make the best of it. Wise decision. Service was laid back yet friendly and efficient (and mimosas were promptly dispensed, which only served to make me feel better by the minute).

While Eggs Benedict was the furthest thing from my mind when we entered the establishment, I have to say that said dish was one of the best renditions I've ever eaten.  Eggs were perfectly poached, there was Canadian bacon, nicely toasted English muffins, arugula....all the usual suspects. I'm not much of a breakfast raver...we're talking eggs, for gawd's sakeBut the Citrus Hollandaise sauce the whole thing was slathered in was nothing short of spectacular and ratcheted a better-than-average Eggs Benedict offering into the "memorable" category.  Never has a finer Hollandaise sauce passed my lips. It was freaking fabulous!

Feeling a case of iron poor blood coming on after my grueling morning, one of the reasons we trekked across the county to Queenshead was so I could get a crock of their Cognac Chicken Liver Pate.  BUT IT WASN'T ON THE BRUNCH MENU (take cover, everyone!). Apparently sensing my desperation, our lovely server made an exception and presented me with an order of this livericious offering along with an accompaniment of perfect ciabetta toast points. So creamy, earthy and good.  Yes, I love liver. Get out your barf bags if you can't handle that.

Underdog, who had Fish and Chips on the brain when we arrived, fortuitously discovered that his craving was included on the Brunch menu.  The moist and massive slab of sweet, fresh-tasting and delicately fried fish (guessing cod or haddock) appeared in short order, accompanied by obviously hand-cut sea salt and malt vinegar fries along with minted peas (which were quite lovely...this even coming from a non-pea lover). They had a bright and firm quality that married well with their accent of fresh mint, making them far superior to that revolting Gerber-esque "mushy pea" green blob one so often finds perched alongside their entree at British Pubs in this country.

Somebody even got a free cupcake after the fact.

Queenshead is both gay run and gay friendly/populated. If you are one of those knuckle-dragging heterosexuals not yet highly evolved enough to accept and dine among others with alternative life and love styles, you should probably stick to a venue which will better accommodate your 20th century mindset (like Chick-fil-A) to reduce the possibility of emotional scarring, pearl clutching or, Heaven forbid, being "turned".

Final word:  Love!

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