Sunday, July 14, 2013

Frog Pond, North Redington Beach, FL

Does anyone other than I occasionally find oneself in dire need of a Sunday morning hangover helper? I'm talkin' mammoth platters of carbs, protein and fat...perfect for sponging up the remnants of Saturday night's indiscretions. Look no further, my friends.

Frog Pond has been a Redington Beach institution at least a long as I've lived in Florida (about 25 years now).  The wait is invariably long and service is slow, but once the food arrives you'll be transported to brekkie nirvana.  Decor is amphibian-riche kitsch...frogs at every turn.  Hundreds of them...maybe thousands.  The theme hits you over the head like an anvil, but it's so damned cute you don't mind it.  In fact, you embrace The Frog.

Alcohol is not served at Frog Pond, but they don't bat an eye if you bring your own.  On this particular occasion, the boyz toted in vodka and Bloody Mary mix while the gurlz brought mini bottles of sparkling wine.  Coffee, glasses of ice and a carafe of orange juice were cheerfully dispensed.

Portions at Frog Pond are lumberjack-esque.  If you manage to clean your plate here, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Gluttony is a sin, after all.  First case in point - my Frog Benedict.  As much as I hate to work myself into a menu rut, I get this every. single. time.  Perfectly poached eggs, Canadian bacon, mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese are served atop toasted English muffins and slathered in one fine house-made hollandaise sauce.  An obscenely large pile of home fries serves as a sidecar to this artery-clogging masterpiece.

My dainty female companion ordered the Satanic Daily Special (aka Cinnamon Roll French Toast). Thick slices of cinnamon roll were saturated in an egg wash, pan fried and presented with a lavish tub of whipped cream and sturdy little syrup dispenser. the ever-so-humiliating risk of channeling Rachel Ray, may I say "yummo!"?

Underdog ordered Corned Beef Hash, which was beautifully presented with plenty of crispy, caramelized edges and topped with two eggs cooked over-easy along with a generous portion of home fries.  Tomato slices, toast and freshly made strawberry jam rounded out this substantial offering.

Mikey went with the Italian Sausage Fritatta with onions, cheese, tomatoes and potatoes.  I didn't get a taste of that one because someone was being a selfish bastige, but it looked amazing and no complaints were registered.
Final word:  This is the best breakfast on the beach...maybe even in Pinellas County.  You will wait for it, but it will be worth it.  Service will probably be a bit harried, but friendly nonetheless.  You will pay $10+ for your entree, but there will be no skimping on good ingredients.  Finally, there's no way in hell you will leave hungry (omelets contain 5-7 eggs, if you can believe that).  I can't think of a better way to pack an entire day's worth of calories into one meal.  Love you, Frog Pond!

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  1. The Frog Pond in St. Pete Beach is not to be missed either!! My favorite meal will always be breakfast at the Pond.

  2. Massive breakfast and worth every single cent!! Delicious and a once a year splurge, my heart couldn't take it twice!! Last time we went the table next to us was dismantling the menu to fit their diet......which meant no fat, no carb, no caffeine. I felt for the wait staff, plus they had a superior ATTITUDE that was uncalled for. (the dieting guest, not Frog Pond staff) Made me wonder who spit in their bean curd?

  3. Oh thud! This place sounds like heaven on earth. But of course, me and Jim are big time foodies as you can tell sometimes from our postings on Facebook. I live for your blog! I told Jim first about your post Parker - second about the Frog Benedict. He said I had him with your name. He's in love!! XOXO - June, Jim and Bacon!