Sunday, July 7, 2013

King & I, St. Petersburg, FL

Thai is not usually one of my "go-to" cuisines and I generally stay close to the sidewalk and order Pad Thai when I do find myself in a Thai resto.  To clarify things further, I will in fact eschew chopsticks and eat with a fork when when I find myself "Thai'd up" take this post with a grain of salt (or a splash of soy sauce).

King & I is a cute nook on Downtown St. Pete's Central Ave. for sushi and Asian cuisine.  It's clean and serene with a fairly minimalistic atmosphere.  It was quiet when we entered in the early Saturday afternoon hours and service was prompt and pleasant.

Chilled green salads with ginger dressing were quickly dispensed, their zest and crunchy freshness belying the simplicity of their ingredients.

The appetizer sharing platter for two priced at $8.95 was massively generous and served piping hot.  Offerings included crispy fried shrimp, spring rolls, calamari and delectable curried crab rangoon...practically a meal in itself.

What did I order, you ask?  What else but the only Thai dish I know...Pad Thai!  Surprise, surprise.  My Shrimp Pad Thai offering was of lumberjack proportions and delish, providing a nice medium-hot afterburn on the tongue and plenty of fresh-tasting ingredients.  I could only eat half of it.

My better-half's Pork Fried Rice was similarly flavorful and laden with tender chunks of slow-cooked pork.

So...while I don't generally wax greatly enthusiastic about Asian cuisine (unless you're Zen Bistro or Yummy House), King & I proved to be a delightful and relatively inexpensive lunch ($49 with two beers before gratuity).

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  1. Actually, Sweet Polly, Thais are primarily a spoon people. The spoon is held in the strong hand and the weak hand holds the fork, which plays only a supporting role by scooping food onto the spoon.

    You are correct and it's the gringos who are screwed up.

  2. Love "Mai-Thai" with keffir lime and galangal.
    Might I suggest a wok on the wild side and try Larb Nuea as a salad course. It is sublime.