Friday, January 1, 2010

Cabana Las Lilas, Buenos Aires, Argentina - September 2006

Cabana Las Lilas…THE premier restaurant for Argentinean steaks in Buenos Aires. We were glad that we’d had the hotel concierge make reservations for us upon our arrival in Buenos Aires, because the place was absolutely packed on a Monday night. The atmosphere was warm, slightly rustic, and animated.

After we were seated, we were presented with a lovely little appetizer plate of salmon, olives, cheese, and other tasty tidbits to nibble on while we perused the menu. We tried several Agentinean wines while during the meal, starting with a bottle of Bianchi Extro Brut (a South American “champagne”), with was wonderful…and also shared an empanada and a grilled sausage appetizer, both of which were divine. We both selected the Las Lilas Club Steak as our entree, which was a huge rib steak, with about an 18” bone attached. The waiter raised an eyebrow when I ordered it, and suggested that I should share with Underdog, but I was undeterred. As it turned out, he was right…neither of us were able to finish more than half of the dinosaur-esque cuts of fabulous Argentinean beef. We also shared a la carte side dishes of potatoes souffle (crispy fried potato puffs), mashed potatoes, and sauteed Portobello mushrooms, washing it all down with a bottle of Benegas Syrah and another of Q Chardonnay (I know, I know…so many Argentinean wines, so little time ;) ). Out of respect to our livers, we didn’t drink ALL of the wine. We finished up by sharing a dessert of crema catalana (sort of a creme brulee) and rolled back to the hotel. This was a fabulous meal…at around $175, expensive for Buenos Aires, but a relative bargain by US standards.

Feeling optimistic and hungry at the outset:

I only managed to put a dainty dent in my dino-chop, which was a true shame!

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